Jan Sarin

Victor is one of the best and most motivated developers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

He brilliantly has managed complex projects end-to-end, and has a very high understanding of business needs and priorities while never losing focus on key areas such as security and best practice.

I would welcome Victor back to mySafety any time.

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Richard Turoczi

Victor har arbetat som front- och backend-utvecklare på DesignMobile Scandinavia AB. Under den tid har Victor även varit tekniskt ansvarig.

Bolaget är en av pionjärerna inom mobilwebb och ställer mycket höga krav på de mobilsajter vi levererar till våra kunder, och kunders kunder.

Under denna period har Victor arbetat med att skapa främst mobila webbapplikationer. Victor har även stått för en stor del av produktutvecklingen. Han har åtagit sig att göra både design med utmärk resultat, bistått på kundmöten på ett förtroendeingivande sätt, samt varit mycket framgångsrik med själva programmeringen.

Victor tog även ett samlat grepp över att vara supportansvarig för kunder som behövde utbildning eller support.

Sammanfattningsvis kan jag säga att jag är väldigt nöjd med hans arbete på Designmobile. Victor är oerhört lojal som medarbetare och alltid lösningsfokuserad, han besitter en väldigt bred kompetens, han ställer upp i alla lägen och är en utmärkt lagspelare.

Således kan jag sammanfatta Victor som en oerhört begåvad medarbetare och han får mina allra bästa rekommendationer.

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Tien Le

It have been a huge privilege for me to work with Victor from July to November on the website project. I have learnt a lot from him, not just because I’m a fast learner, but because he can really motivate and explain things pedagogically.

On top of his versatile IT knowledge, he is a approachable and customer service oriented person.

You can’t find many web developers who is both excellent at the back/front end AND the graphical designs. Not to mention that he is amazing at solving problems – I can’t imaging there is any problem he cannot solve!

So yes, Victor naturally gets my highest recommendation.

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Hans Christian Bjørkto

I have had the pleasure of working with Victor Bexelius for several months during the development and implementation of the mySafety website.

At first I was amazed how Victor developed a whole new and flexible website for the mySafety group, solving almost every demand spec and wish that we cmd up with. Then I experienced how excellent Victor was in teaching an ”web idiot” like myself how to go about content management for the site.

Finally, Victor stood by with 100% accessability and service/help while the content job was done. All-in-all, I can highly recommend Victor in any web development project.

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Hanna Wikström

I had the pleasure of working with Victor on several projects concerning e.g. mySafety web and landing pages during the past year. We often worked at a distance, which set extraordinary demands on communication, project management and quality control.

With Victor on board my worry seemed irrelevant. Victor is a rare kind developer because of his customer service mindset . During our joint projects he would present a problem, give us alternative solutions and his objective recommendation. This was tremendously valuable during the tight scheduled projects.

My experience of working with Victor is that he keeps his cool, he delivers and he smiles while doing it. That makes him a great asset to any team and I would like to offer Victor my best recommendations!

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